Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Updates *UPDATE

Mah friend Sp00n just made the best video ever, you srsly need to watch it

Well it didn't make it for the deadline, so I posted it on my channel for now. If you haven't seen it, here's a shiny little link for you

Monday, December 7, 2009


Hey guys, long time no update. Just a quicky right now. Filmed some footage today with Kootra, for an upcoming Christmas machinima. So alas, you shall see a vid out of me before the years end, haha. And that's all I have to share right now. Peace out and hope are doing great as you kick off for the Holidays.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Some people were nagging me to get it, but I've been long since turned off by the game when it was first anounced. I mean comon, when Bungie says "HO MAN, WE GOT A BIG ANOUNCEMENT" I expected, finally, a new franchise or something, but no, instead they anounce a half assed halo cash in.

Anyway, maybe if it was priced at 40$ I would have perhaps not gone as hard on it (hey, for the love of God, who charges full game retail price for a shitty expansion pack?). But alas, I'm glad I didn't get it, because even some die hard fans are saying it wasn't that great; aka major cash in, and whoever bought it fell for it like a tard. Couldn't you have like given it a rent? I don't see why people are so inclined to buying full priced games when they get bored of it after a week or two. Stop supporting fags like Microsoft so blindly, they are leaching enough off of society as it is.

Just going to save up for Modern Warfare 2, I only support real games that last me over a year of entertainment. (still gotto save up for xbl though, haha)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brief Update

Just making a quicky to bump my last entry down the page. I'll be making my first breif appearence in jon's upcoming Arby n Chief episode. I just recorded some voice badly done Russian accent dubs for him, so vola, you will see our filming foolery at the end of the week.

And I'll be also making various voice apearences in some upcoming machinima.

And before I forget, a DA chum made me some Birthday art, lolz, so go check it out

And thankyou for all the Birthday wishes peeps. Hope to have more exiting updates soon.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vanishing Once Again

Yes, I'll be on a brief trip, starting Monday, for a couple of days. It kinda falls on my birthday which is pretty lame, but my past few BDays have been super lame anyway.

So yes, I've been keeping up with my one photo a day thing surprisingly, so make sure to check out my Photography DA account. As for my art account, I haven't had much time to crank out anything artsy, but hopefully I will at one point.

I'm out.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Now you see me. Now you don't.

I'm going to be scarce off the internet for like a week.
First of all, the internet is a retarded place. And second of all, I need to get lots done. And no, that doesn't include machinima; I have much more relevant things at hand. And hmmmm, I should probably find a bit of time this week to whip up some art.

After that, I'll be going off to Jon's next weekend to help him with some filming. Then we'll chill with some friends & go watch District 9, haha.

Also finished some random cg crap for the Kootra Roach collab. So look out for that stuff coming out sometime or another.

So I'll upload a weeks worth stash of photos on my DA account (to anyone who cares, lolz). And I'll be having a fun happy time without internet. You guys should try it too, perhaps then you could accomplish something productive for once in your life.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Know the Next Best Plan to Brainwash Humanity

Giraffes. You heard me, Giraffes. I have made a theory, and I can back up my theory with proof.
Every day, I upload a photo to my Deviant Art account. and usually my photos get an average of about 20 views by the end of the day; and usually a single “Favorite” a lifetime. But today something happened. I went through my photos and selected a very bland shot I took of a Giraffe. But as soon as I upload the photo, it instantly got 7 Favorites & 17 views.

Personally I think Giraffes are very bland, silly creatures. And they might have been unique at one point, but now they are very overplayed and overrated. But are they overplayed because it is part of some devious plot? Is there something about the tall creatures which intrigues people?

Lets look at the figures. Out of the seven people who favorited the giraffe photo the very moment it was uploaded:

1 was a 30 year old male from the United Kingdom
1 was a 29 year old Male from Italy
4 were Females from the United States (various ages)

Out of the seven, that makes 57% females from the United States.
Let’s just consider the possibilities. First of all, females have a very big influence on humanity. It is not difficult for them to have a level of control over lesser minded males (yes, that means 97% of you reading this). And considering United States has a reasonably large influence on the world, I’d say a well derived plan of action here, would most likely infiltrate the minds of a large census around the world.

If you don’t believe me, just look at TV & product placement. That proves my point, considering most humans are empty shells that are quite easy to fill up with false information.
So were do the Giraffes come in? It’s simple, and might as well relate it to product placement.
Make a propaganda poster, and just place an irrelevant giraffe on it. Upload an article on the net, and place the word “Giraffe” at the end of every sentence. Broadcast a fake news report and place a giraffe in the backdrop.
Every bit of that information will seep into the sponge like minds of that percentage of people who are intrigued by giraffes; then starts the chain of influence.

It’s ingenious.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Photo a Day to Keep the Doctor Away!

I'm quite busy these days, so no you won't see any retarded videos from me for the time being, nor will I be answering the same over asked questions on youtube (ect) over and over.

Though if you appreciate anything other then sitting on your arse watching Halo videos, playing halo, and reading halo fanfiction written by 12 year olds; then make sure to check with my photography account on Deviant Art ever couple of days. I pretty much upload a new photo every day.
I'm not exactly a professional photographer or anything, but I do very much enjoy capturing an image, to try and grasp the essence of what I see in front of me. And of course I do like to share it with people.


I also upload some random art on my Art account time to time, so make sure to check with that too occationally. Well what the hell, make your own Deviant Art account and toss both my accounts a watch and catch all sorts of rad art on the site. involve in something other then and videogame related forums, haha.

And as you see, I guess I’ll be updating my blog more often now, haha. So do check in with it at least once a week.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Deviant Art accounts up and running $$$

Well as I said before, someone took the name "lemurgimmick" on DA. But today I got it handed over to me. And I found out you can't delete accounts, so I'm just going to make use of the two I have right now. One for art, one for photography.
So follow the links over to my art and photography!-------------------->
And if you consider yourself a man (or a woman) then make yourself a DA account and keep up to date with my stuff on there; cause I'm going to update both of those accounts a hundred fold more often then my Youtube.

Art > Dumb Halo Vids

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The question is always "if you won a million dollars" or "1oo million dollars". But with that question, you can list off so much crap because that's a huge sum of money; making you focus more on "how much shit can I think of?" rather then "what do I prioritize?".

So... if you won $1o ooo, what would you do? Choose wisely, heh heh HEH.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't you just LOVE Posers?

Alrighty, so today I went over to Deviant art, something I've been meaning to do for ages, so I can share my art with you guys. So naturally I go for the name "LemurGimmick", pretty much what I use as my internet alias for pretty much everything I do on the ineternet. but guess what? Someone already snatched the name. And no, it's not mere coincidence, cause the guy has like little halo moving icons and stuff, so it's a given he's seen my work, and he just decided to be uncreative and use my name.

Like honestly, I don't want to over react, but you couldn't believe how much this is pieving me right now. When you come up with something original, and your own, then someone just snatches it with their grubby little hands


Now that's the guy, lolz, and I'm going to ask him to hand over the account name. Yes, it is going to be a big inconveniance for the both of us. but hey, it's him who caused it.

Till I get that account, this is the temporary one I made, but i might not be uplaoding anything there for the time being.


Well just wish me luck and hope I can manage to get the account name handed over to it's rightful owner if you guys want to be seeing my art!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And look Mister Frodo! Moar Fanart ~

I'll make this a quicky. Bit busy and hectic these days. And no, won't be seeing any machinima from me for a long time, life or much more relevant and demanding these days.

But anyway, gift art from "Benjamin-weasel". Lemur giving a high five to Ben Bunneh, lolz, great stuff. Thanks again chum!

And hmmm hmmm, what would you guys think of well made flash animations? Won't be happening for ages, but I have some in mind. Much more interesting and creative then any sort of over rated machinima in my opinion. Just an idea though, I have no idea when I'll ever get around to something like that.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fanart, lul, and uneventful updates.

Haha, I believe this is the first fanart I've gotten from youtube/machinima fans. So here is a lemur illistration from DoubleMoonz from youtube :D Thanks much man!

Other then that, same old stuff. Just busy with life, been working on some random small projects, including that collab I have a small part in with Kootra and Roach. I believe that'll be done by the end of the month. And if you are a hardcore Halo fan, that is actually something you should be looking forward to, haha.

Other then that, You won't be seeing any solo projects from me for the time being, but hopefully I catch up with some stuff one of these days.

Hang in there peeps.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some updates

Yo, well not much to share, plus I'm sure not many people check out my blog a whole lot, lolz.

But yes, sent some voices off to Jon yesterday night for his weekly vid. More lines then usual, haha, so it was some fun. Also sent him a SPECIAL EFFECTSS shot the other day, also for his weekly vid. Just cheesy low budget stuff, but I believe it'll show up somewhere near the end of his episode. But yes, Season finale, read the script, and it had plenty of lolz in it.

Other then that, I've been taking minor part in a colab, I believe I mentioned before. But that will probably be ready at the end of June or something. And again, I barely have part in it. My work will probably only have like 3 seconds of glory in the vid.

But yes, there we go, another rare update of epic proportions.

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Mother's Day

Well almost..
My Mother's Day short was just uplaoded by, so feast your eyes on the most retarded video ever made, lolz.

Youtube: Link

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ZOMG, it can't really be an update?

Hey guys, just a quicky, it's getting reall ylate, or shal I say early in the morning, lolz. Just finished recording some diolog. No not Terrorman (though I do have diolog already recorded for Ep1 of Terrorman) but a really short mothers day special. I'll try to get it done tomorrow so it gets up on Sunday for sure. So I'll toss up a link when that's on youtube.

Also I'm in a small colab with a couple guys. You might know him as "Spartacus" or "Kootra". I'm not part of the actual machinima portion of it, nor the voices; but I do have an important contibution to it.

Other then that I am busy with life. I really hope I can get Terrorman rolling. I do have an outline for a seven episode series, and I do have a bunch of diolog already recorded for the first couple episodes. I'll just need to find time to sit down and do it.

Well cheers guys, hopefully I'll have more updates soon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

48 Hours of xbl, lolololololololol & Farcry 2 insanity

Well one of my friends tossed me a 48 hour xbl card, because I still have some stupid Halo 3 online related achievements to get (for some additional armor perms I don't have for machinima). I never played Halo 3 a whole lot, hence not having all the achievements and perms.
So yes, I set up the 48 hour card, and guess what? You can't play ranked matches with the 48 hour trail, therefore, I couldn't get the remaining achievements. Thanks Microsoft, awfully nice of you.
Well I did make some use of the trial time. Tried to catch up on some CoD4 multiplayer (unfortunately I get the clean disk error constantly). But yes, it was great to play that game again. I enjoy it infinity more then Halo 3, cause it actually takes skill, not spamming grenades to win. And rockets and sword are for homos, lolz.

Also gave Farcry 2 multiplayer a try (that game actually works in my disk drive!). One of the few games I do own, but one of the few games that did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the campaign for that game. Might not be for everyone, but I actually enjoy the whole open world map and driving to your objectives through gorgeous landscapes. And I think it's safe to say that it is the best looking game from a technical standpoint. The Dunia engine is amazing, hope they add to it & make more games with it.
So yes, gave multiplayer a chance. The biggest complaint most people have is that everyone's a bullet sponge. But all I use is the bolt action sniper rifle, and headshots are one hit kill anyway, so the bullet sponge thing doesn't effect me much, lolz. I just love games without ANY sticky aim. I guess that's one reason I don't like the feal for Halo 3.
But the map editor is just a wonderful thing, some people have put some really impressive maps out; some fun to just screw around in, and some extremely awesome for gameplay. Considering I played a whole new map every single round I played. I had a one on one sniper match with Jon yesterday, on the most incredible map ever. It's called "waterworld" I think. So if you got the game, give multiplayer a chance, and check the first few pages of highest ranked maps, you'll find that one in there. I'm sure it's a great map for team dead match, but it was amazing for a one on one sniper match; there are just so many hiding spots. But anyway, 15 minute round, and I beat Jon 5 to 2 I believe, haha. Intense awesome round, <3 the game.

But yes, I'm tempted to get xbox live, for Farcry 2, and CoD4 (well, when I can get it to work in my disk drive). And I do like to pop halo 3 in on rare occasion to play. Other then that I only own Gears 2, but I can't even load past the main menu :C
Xbl is tempting, but no way I can spare 60 bucks right now, plus I wouldn't have much time to play these days. But if anyone has some unwanted one month-ers lying around, I could possibly put it to use, rofl.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alas! A new series!

*EDIT 2*
Finally up on both and Youtube!

Youtube: Link

*End of EDIT*

Hey kids! long time no update. But finally some new material!
Well same old news with my xbox 360, faulty disk drive that can't read my games. But miraculously I was able to put Halo 3 on my HD (unfortunately none of my other games would). Halo 3 isn't enough for me to invest in xbl again, but at least I have something to make machinima with.
I just finished rendering out a new halo 3 film. This video is a prequel to an upcoming series of mine, called "Terrorman". I'm uploading it to in a few minutes. Hoping they upload it on youtube and their website soon, you'll get a taste of the TERROR soon enough.
My typical over-theatrics, so expect plenty of head bobbing and cheesy lines, Heh.
Guest voices Ganthir & Sp00nerism. They both did magnificent jobs, plenty enthusiasm and dedication. Thanks again chums, can't wait to work with you guys again!

I also do have some pc machinima in the works, I'll just need to find the free time to finish up on thus and other projects.

Cheers kidys!