Sunday, September 27, 2009


Some people were nagging me to get it, but I've been long since turned off by the game when it was first anounced. I mean comon, when Bungie says "HO MAN, WE GOT A BIG ANOUNCEMENT" I expected, finally, a new franchise or something, but no, instead they anounce a half assed halo cash in.

Anyway, maybe if it was priced at 40$ I would have perhaps not gone as hard on it (hey, for the love of God, who charges full game retail price for a shitty expansion pack?). But alas, I'm glad I didn't get it, because even some die hard fans are saying it wasn't that great; aka major cash in, and whoever bought it fell for it like a tard. Couldn't you have like given it a rent? I don't see why people are so inclined to buying full priced games when they get bored of it after a week or two. Stop supporting fags like Microsoft so blindly, they are leaching enough off of society as it is.

Just going to save up for Modern Warfare 2, I only support real games that last me over a year of entertainment. (still gotto save up for xbl though, haha)


Ben said...

yeah, I only really got it because of the new maps. It's an okay game, but only if you have friends to play with, if you just play on yor own, it gets boring really quickly.

The only thing I really liked about it was the music. I would prefer to pay for the OST and rent the game.

Zukan said...

ODST is a lot of fun, it depends of course what you want out of a game but I feel it's the first Halo game after the original I'm satisfied with. My taste however rarely resonates well with most gamers out there (I'm all about the immersion, I don't care very much about the shooting) so take it with a grain of salt.
It's just a shame MS have to be assholes and charge full price for it. I was able to get it for half, and I agree it's not worth $60, even though I've already spent more time in ODST's campaign than I did in Halo 3's. I know a lot of people who mistakenly blame Bungie for the price even though they have no say on financial matters, and it's too bad really.
They did part with MS so they could get rid of cashing in on Halo. From what I understand, making ODST and Reach was part of their final agreement so they could leave. And of course MS will take full advantage of that, hence the dick move on ODST.

I don't like Activision anymore than Microsoft and I'm not very happy about their "yearly sequel exploit" policy. They refuse to make games that aren't guaranteed to cash in on sequels every year (Guitar hero, Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, etc...) that's why amongst many other new IP's, they dropped Brutal Legend, which I believe completely proves that these guys simply have no interest in pushing nor supporting the bar of artistic merit in video games whatsoever. In fact, I would go as far as to say they discourage it. So I'm going to skip on Modern Warfare 2 or any other game they release for that matter.

But whatever games you choose to buy I think it's still good that you vote with your wallet, as insignificant as it may seem, it's the only voice we have against these behemoths. Not many people realize that and just accept whatever prices are shoved down their throats. It's absolutely sickening.

D Laz said...

Haha, great to hear from you Zukan, It's been quite awhile. And I hope things are going great.

Yeah, overall I'm just going harsh on it because of what they decided to charge it, which yes, is Microsofts doing. And I'll be really interested to see what Bungie goes for now. I didn't think they are pretty much on their own after these last couple Halo titles.

And true about Activision, it was just wow, when they dropped Brutal Legend. I think Tim Shafer is a great creative guy, and I was really anticipating that game (I'm still not completely sure what all happened with that game). It's just unfair they don't back people like that up. It's all the same with the film and game industry, the guys with the money are afraid of loosing money if they try something new, so they'd rather just go were everyone esle is going, and just fund the same old crap over and over.
I will admit I will most likely give in to MW 2, only because of Infanity Wards work, but I guess it's safe to safe that probably like Activision just as much as I like Microsoft.

Haha, the last game I bought was FarCry 2, which was almost a year ago, so I haven't shown too much support to any game company for quite awhile (other then a couple Valve games on discount Steam days). But yeah, the fact people automatically go "I'm buying that game", and then they go out and preorder it, then forget about the game completely after a week (other then a select few). The game industry has like a choke hold on comsumers, because they all have that blunt mentality. Some people should just bloody wake up.

Zukan said...

I know what you mean, my xbox has been collecting dust for over half a year. I've just recently started playing on it again.
Oh Brutal Legend was picked up by EA, it's coming out in just a few days, on the 13th of October. I have it pre-ordered, I admit I'm a big Tim Schafer fan, loved all of his previous games and by the looks of it I don't think I'll be disappointed by his latest invention either.

I love Valve, I think those guys are brilliant. They're sort of working outside of the rest of the video game industry since they have their own distribution platform, Steam. I mean I can't think of many other developers who have that kind of freedom. Loved their idea of making episodes out of Half-Life instead of pushing yet another $50 million into 3 year development cycles.
I believe, the main reason games cost so much and take so long to make is because the devs have to constantly rewrite their game engines from scratch. It's like reinventing the wheel for every new game you make! It's crazy! And that goes for nearly everyone who's in the business!
Independent developers suffer so much because of this! There's no way they can keep up with that kind of competition!
That's why I love the episodic format. It saved Valve a lot of costs and gave them much more creative freedom. I feel games work better when they're cheaper, even if they're shorter and not as epic in scale (kind of like what Bungie did with ODST, except it was blatantly sold as a full game). So yeah, more power to Valve, their products and marketing strategies have yet to disappoint me.

MW2 looks like a great game, you can tell Infinity Ward always puts a ton of care into the production values of their games.
It's just a shame they have to act under Activision. I recently read an interview with one of the devs from IW, he stated that Activision never wanted them to leave WWII while making Modern Warefare. They thought the game would turn into a flop by taking the franchise into a modern setting. Wow, just look at how wrong they were! I'm so sick of these people relying on their "market research" instead of just trusting the devs themselves.
It's like they have no interest in games whatsoever, they're just here to make money, so they have NO IDEA what gamers really want, all they can do is look at numbers and follow trends.
I'd just love to see what IW could do if they had full control over their properties.

Sorry for that rant, I'm just so frustrated with the entertainment industry in general haha. I feel you're sort of on the same page, being interested in movie making and all that. It really does work the same way no matter where you look. Sucks for small people like us!

reaper said...

i think you mean ODST.

not OSTD

inf3rnalslave said...

I cant wait fot mw2!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I wana know if gaz is still alive, apparently cpt. Price is cos the voice actor has been confirmed agen for mw2. One more thing...AC-130 FTW!!!

Guitarmasterx7 said...

Oh hey, sorry, couldn't hear you over the sound of my money.