Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vanishing Once Again

Yes, I'll be on a brief trip, starting Monday, for a couple of days. It kinda falls on my birthday which is pretty lame, but my past few BDays have been super lame anyway.

So yes, I've been keeping up with my one photo a day thing surprisingly, so make sure to check out my Photography DA account. As for my art account, I haven't had much time to crank out anything artsy, but hopefully I will at one point.

I'm out.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Now you see me. Now you don't.

I'm going to be scarce off the internet for like a week.
First of all, the internet is a retarded place. And second of all, I need to get lots done. And no, that doesn't include machinima; I have much more relevant things at hand. And hmmmm, I should probably find a bit of time this week to whip up some art.

After that, I'll be going off to Jon's next weekend to help him with some filming. Then we'll chill with some friends & go watch District 9, haha.

Also finished some random cg crap for the Kootra Roach collab. So look out for that stuff coming out sometime or another.

So I'll upload a weeks worth stash of photos on my DA account (to anyone who cares, lolz). And I'll be having a fun happy time without internet. You guys should try it too, perhaps then you could accomplish something productive for once in your life.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Know the Next Best Plan to Brainwash Humanity

Giraffes. You heard me, Giraffes. I have made a theory, and I can back up my theory with proof.
Every day, I upload a photo to my Deviant Art account. and usually my photos get an average of about 20 views by the end of the day; and usually a single “Favorite” a lifetime. But today something happened. I went through my photos and selected a very bland shot I took of a Giraffe. But as soon as I upload the photo, it instantly got 7 Favorites & 17 views.

Personally I think Giraffes are very bland, silly creatures. And they might have been unique at one point, but now they are very overplayed and overrated. But are they overplayed because it is part of some devious plot? Is there something about the tall creatures which intrigues people?

Lets look at the figures. Out of the seven people who favorited the giraffe photo the very moment it was uploaded:

1 was a 30 year old male from the United Kingdom
1 was a 29 year old Male from Italy
4 were Females from the United States (various ages)

Out of the seven, that makes 57% females from the United States.
Let’s just consider the possibilities. First of all, females have a very big influence on humanity. It is not difficult for them to have a level of control over lesser minded males (yes, that means 97% of you reading this). And considering United States has a reasonably large influence on the world, I’d say a well derived plan of action here, would most likely infiltrate the minds of a large census around the world.

If you don’t believe me, just look at TV & product placement. That proves my point, considering most humans are empty shells that are quite easy to fill up with false information.
So were do the Giraffes come in? It’s simple, and might as well relate it to product placement.
Make a propaganda poster, and just place an irrelevant giraffe on it. Upload an article on the net, and place the word “Giraffe” at the end of every sentence. Broadcast a fake news report and place a giraffe in the backdrop.
Every bit of that information will seep into the sponge like minds of that percentage of people who are intrigued by giraffes; then starts the chain of influence.

It’s ingenious.