Saturday, August 8, 2009

Now you see me. Now you don't.

I'm going to be scarce off the internet for like a week.
First of all, the internet is a retarded place. And second of all, I need to get lots done. And no, that doesn't include machinima; I have much more relevant things at hand. And hmmmm, I should probably find a bit of time this week to whip up some art.

After that, I'll be going off to Jon's next weekend to help him with some filming. Then we'll chill with some friends & go watch District 9, haha.

Also finished some random cg crap for the Kootra Roach collab. So look out for that stuff coming out sometime or another.

So I'll upload a weeks worth stash of photos on my DA account (to anyone who cares, lolz). And I'll be having a fun happy time without internet. You guys should try it too, perhaps then you could accomplish something productive for once in your life.


inf3rnalslave said...

U make it seem as if I'm like always on the Internet, ermm, no thanks, haha, and wen I am it's on my iPod touch. Sitting on my comp all day isn't my type of thing

no one of consequence said...

What day are you getting here again?
Also, can't wait for D9.
Also, cocks.

D Laz said...

I think Jon might pick me up Friday morning or something.
Dé Neuf

You should wash your mouth out with soap, dirty things like that don't go in there.

evanlatt said...

Your photography = epic win.

(Btw just incase you care, my Deviant name is dragonheart85, so yea. It's also my gt. Dragonhearts ftw lmao.)