Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Photo a Day to Keep the Doctor Away!

I'm quite busy these days, so no you won't see any retarded videos from me for the time being, nor will I be answering the same over asked questions on youtube (ect) over and over.

Though if you appreciate anything other then sitting on your arse watching Halo videos, playing halo, and reading halo fanfiction written by 12 year olds; then make sure to check with my photography account on Deviant Art ever couple of days. I pretty much upload a new photo every day.
I'm not exactly a professional photographer or anything, but I do very much enjoy capturing an image, to try and grasp the essence of what I see in front of me. And of course I do like to share it with people.


I also upload some random art on my Art account time to time, so make sure to check with that too occationally. Well what the hell, make your own Deviant Art account and toss both my accounts a watch and catch all sorts of rad art on the site. involve in something other then Bungie.net and videogame related forums, haha.

And as you see, I guess I’ll be updating my blog more often now, haha. So do check in with it at least once a week.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Deviant Art accounts up and running $$$

Well as I said before, someone took the name "lemurgimmick" on DA. But today I got it handed over to me. And I found out you can't delete accounts, so I'm just going to make use of the two I have right now. One for art, one for photography.
So follow the links over to my art and photography!-------------------->
And if you consider yourself a man (or a woman) then make yourself a DA account and keep up to date with my stuff on there; cause I'm going to update both of those accounts a hundred fold more often then my Youtube.

Art > Dumb Halo Vids

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The question is always "if you won a million dollars" or "1oo million dollars". But with that question, you can list off so much crap because that's a huge sum of money; making you focus more on "how much shit can I think of?" rather then "what do I prioritize?".

So... if you won $1o ooo, what would you do? Choose wisely, heh heh HEH.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't you just LOVE Posers?

Alrighty, so today I went over to Deviant art, something I've been meaning to do for ages, so I can share my art with you guys. So naturally I go for the name "LemurGimmick", pretty much what I use as my internet alias for pretty much everything I do on the ineternet. but guess what? Someone already snatched the name. And no, it's not mere coincidence, cause the guy has like little halo moving icons and stuff, so it's a given he's seen my work, and he just decided to be uncreative and use my name.

Like honestly, I don't want to over react, but you couldn't believe how much this is pieving me right now. When you come up with something original, and your own, then someone just snatches it with their grubby little hands


Now that's the guy, lolz, and I'm going to ask him to hand over the account name. Yes, it is going to be a big inconveniance for the both of us. but hey, it's him who caused it.

Till I get that account, this is the temporary one I made, but i might not be uplaoding anything there for the time being.


Well just wish me luck and hope I can manage to get the account name handed over to it's rightful owner if you guys want to be seeing my art!