Sunday, July 26, 2009

Deviant Art accounts up and running $$$

Well as I said before, someone took the name "lemurgimmick" on DA. But today I got it handed over to me. And I found out you can't delete accounts, so I'm just going to make use of the two I have right now. One for art, one for photography.
So follow the links over to my art and photography!-------------------->
And if you consider yourself a man (or a woman) then make yourself a DA account and keep up to date with my stuff on there; cause I'm going to update both of those accounts a hundred fold more often then my Youtube.

Art > Dumb Halo Vids


No one of consequence said...

I guess you're technically correct... Though it's more accurately:

Everything else ever > Halo videos

D Laz said...

Haha, cheers to that!

John said...

beast. BTW, please check out my blog.

John S said...

beast. please check out my blog at