Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Vury Mury Crusmus

Hey guys, just wishing you all a happy Christmas, Honakkah, or whatever people celebrate these days. And of course a good upcoming New Years.
Haha, Unfortunately I didn't have the time to finish my Machinima Christmas special, but I'll probably revise the idea and do something about it next year.
I do have a stand alone horror spoof short in the works, so perhaps I'll have that ready for release after new years. I just want to ease myself in if I want to have my upcoming series running at least semi frequently.
Uploaded some more of my art on the side -------------------------->
So take a peak at them, haha. Just random stuff I nabbed off of my computer, both old and more recent stuff.

Anyway, Enjoy the holidays guys!

Friday, December 12, 2008

GASPE! Updates!

Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates, not much has been happening concerning machinima (currently I have more relevant things to worry about). Well I did re-upload Halo Live Episode 2 with better compression on youtube. The previous upload was really laggy. So make sure to give it a re-watch next time you visit my youtube channel, wooo!
I still haven't been able to get to accept that episode, it was rejected because of copywrite music (even though everything up till now had loads of copywriten music. Well that's how my video was meant to be, and I am not replacing it with shitty royalty free music, just for their convenience. So their loss, I'm not going to be submitting that series to them anymore. Though don't expect another episode anytime soon, that last episode was just way too brutal to finish.

Hardware updates, Microsoft is being a bitch, and I'm having a hard time with them replacing my screwed up 360 again, even though it's still under 2 years of warranty. I honestly don't know why they are being jack asses about it. As for my 7 year old computer, it is really starting to croak on me, so hopefully I can scrounge enough money up to get a replacement very soon.

I do have some machinima related stuff in the works, so you'll be seeing some new stuff eventually. I am writing script for 2 new series. Though one series I will postpone because it'll be way too much work. But for now I do have an upcoming Halo Machinima series. I will announce the title once it's gone well under way. And perhaps an odds and ends Christmas special at the end of the week, though I dunno if it'll get done on time... Well maybe if you've been real good this year, it'll happen.

I have also done a tiny bit of voice work in one of Jon's earlier episodes of Hard Justice. And I have been asked to do some voice work for another machinima director, Guitarmasterx7. And also some upcoming voicework for a chum in crime, TheCampingTree (aka Sp00n, the guy who played in both episodes of Halo Live <3). This guy also has a very beautiful piece of machinima you should check out, it brought tears to my eyes Link
So keep in touch with his channel, haha.

Well I think that's it for now, I'll promise to have my next blog update much sooner, haha. And one more thing. To youtube fans who have messaged me. I have been getting a whole load of messages, which I think is great, but please don't think I'm ignoring you guys, I just don't have the time to respond to them all. Anyway, hang in there.


PS: Headcrabs are way more awesome and practical then flood, so HAH

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halo Live: Episode 02, Now up.

Well this video was rejected by, so I'm uploading it to my own channel for now. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Halo Live Episode II Completed *Update

Well yes, it's been done for the last 12 hours, I'm just having trouble uploading it. specified what format they want new vids uploaded. So I followed the specs, and I got a 300MB videofile. Has crashed a couple of times, so we'll see when I get it up to them.

It has been sent over to, so I'm hoping they'll host it soon.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Episode Two Status

Sorry it's late, but I haven't been able to work on the video as much as I would have liked this week. Coming down the homestretch now. I don't want to know how late it is, but I'll have all the editing done pretty soon. Then I'll have to do some really dumb tedious stuff, weapon icons and such (which aren't so bad)and then some new stuff like player scores and other informative pieces of eye-candy. But anyway, I'll probably have the video uploaded TO on Friday night. Then it'll be up to them when it'll be released. So bare with me and save the popcorn till then :D

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halo Live Update

Long time no update. Sorry about that, not much time for machinima and game these days. I've had a new episode of Halo Live in development for the last couple months, but haven't been able to spend time on it till the last couple weeks. I'm most likely going to have all the filming down today, and currently half the episode is edited. So I'm hoping I'll have the episode done in the next few days if nothing else comes up (and it is Thanks Giving here, so that is a small setback). And after it's done, it's up to when it gets uploaded. So I am hoping it'll be out later this following week. I hope you'll enjoy it, this episode has proven to be way too time consuming and difficult to do with my new revisions. Remember, Episode one was a test run, so this episode will be pretty much the "real deal". But don't expect a quantum leap of quality or anything. It's the exact same idea. It just has a bit more to it, and perhaps it's more "organized". But I'm curious to see what people think of this one.

And my xbox live account is like going to expire within this month. Pity, cause I haven't had time to touch live for months (the footage for Halo Live is a saved film from 3 months ago. Probably won't have live back up until I can spare 60$, but that might not be for a very long time, lolz.

Another small update. Participating in a small contest (no, not machinima related). So I'm hoping I'll have that done for deadline at the end of the month, and I'll upload it on youtube as a Halloween treat as well, haha. Well Considering I haven't even started that one... But maybe I'll find time to do at least a rush job on it. And many many other things on my to-do list, but hopefully I'll have updates on here more frequently, unlike last time I said that, haha.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Halo Live Ep1 Re-uploaded

Episode I of Halo Live has been uploaded by
I'll update the link on Youtube as soon as it's up.

View on

View on

And make sure to subscribe to my playlist!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Minor Update

A promo video to announce that my machinimas are being distributed by Stay tuned for the next installment of Halo Live!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Uneventful Update

Well I've been sick for the last week, and in bed on my free time. Hopefully I won't feel like shit tomorrow morning. So no, I haven't been able to work on Halo machinima much. But I'm I'll have some progress by the end of the week. And next Monday is my Birthday Wooo! Not that I'm that exited about it.

And another note, if I haven't mentioned it before. is distributing my videos from now on, so I'm really happy about that. And I'll also be getting into Garry's Mod machinima, because I'll have to send in my 360 again for a replacement. I really hate Microsoft hardware.

Well hang in there.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Halo Live: Episode 1 - Afterthoughts

Alright, I'll make this a quicky before I go to bed. I'll probably add to it later one.
So I have gotten good and bad feedback, which I was expecting, because I wasn't sure if the concept will work or not, plus the first video was somewhat of a test run. But don't expect huge major changes when the next video comes out (though there are going to be multiple changes and additions). I also mentioned that there isn't comedy "yet". I plan to have sort of in between comedic episodes, that aren't completely official to the series (eg. Halo Live: Episode I.5 ect).
As for the little weapon and medal icons, That was just to give you a taste of that concept. I do have plans to do more then that, like the scoreboard and kill count, ect. I just wanted to finish up the first video and get it out of the way, so i didn't have time to [ut everything in there that I intended.
As for only focusing on my character, i on;y did that for the one episode, just to figure more important things out. I'll be giving some attention to the other players in future episodes. Many people have also requested a Big Team battle to be machinima-ized. Which would be lots of fun (and of course lots more work). I do plan to do that, the main thing that worries me though is the lag. Something which wouldn't look too good. But I guess I'll just hope I end up playing a match with minimal lag.
Something I'm also considering is setting up a custom big team game. But the only thing that worries me about that is giving out my gamer tag, haha. I already have too many people on my friends list, and I keep getting swamped by freind's requests all the time. So I'll apologize for not accepting any of them, since I rarely actually have time to play on my 360. And to people who want to help me out on my machinima... Stuff like Halo epic movie I do all locally, so I can't get help for that. As for Halo Live, it's not predetermined whatsoever, so I don't need help for that either. It was just by chance that the first episode happened to be a team doubles match with my friend Sp00n.
And everyone go easy on Sp00n about the grenade thing :3 We all do it all the time by accident, more then you all realize, haha.

Cheeroi for now!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Halo Live: Episode I

Yes, finally I have finished it, and it is currently 6:30am. I am rendering it out at the very moment, and I'll be uploading it to youtube soon enough. As you see I lack the free time for such projects, but hopefully I will make at least one episode a month. The biggest issue was getting this first episode out of the way, I'll probably have more motivation to finish more episodes after this. And now for feedback. I honestly can't predict if viewers will like it and want more, or if this will be a failure :3 well time will tell!
So as you can tell, I can keep this series going forever if I want pretty much, because I can't exactly run out of "story" or "run the jokes dry" on this one. But then again it could run dry eventually if I don't keep it fresh. But I have a few ideas in mind to keep it new.
Well I'll have to cut this short, and I hope I can catch at least a couple hours of sleep, haha.

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Halo 3 Machinima Series In Production

Yes, I've probably mentioned this before. But since I haven't updated my blog for awhile, I'm making this a whole new Journal entry :D I've captured the footage for this so called series a week ago, but I haven't had time to edit it. And I'm editing it as we speak, I found a bit of free quality time today. I'm taking my time on this first episode, because I need to make a hand-full of creative decisions on the overall take of the series. After this episode, it'll role lots easier for upcoming episodes. Since I won't say much about the series before I release the first episode, I might as well stop rambling about it :3

Yes, I do have in mind a couple comedic shorts, such as Halo: Epic Movie. Also another series, which I'll put off till later, because it'll be way more time consuming to do. But for now, I'll probably do a few episodes of my "new series" before I consider doing any of my other planned Halo3 machinima. I still would like to get into creating machinima with the source engine eventually. But since it would be extremely time consuming, compared to Halo3, I'll see if I ever manage to find time for it :3 I'm still considering it, but honestly I think it would be more practical prioritizing CG animated shorts. After all, I pretty much would be creating many custom character models, environments, and animations; all for the source engine machinima. Well I'm getting ahead of myself, I should focus on the video I'm editing right now, haha.

I'll also have to eventually focus on some new CG animation contests I'll be participating in online. It's always 40 year old CG veterans that win those contests, but hey, at least I'll be getting more and more practice. And maybe by the time I'm a 40 year old CG veteran, I'll win all those wonderful prizes, haha (and maybe by then I'll have gotten a better computer then the one I have now :b).
Well farewell all! Hopefully I'll have updates and a new video by the end of the week :D

Monday, May 26, 2008

Now I can finaly sleep in my own bed^^

Hello everyone. Yes, finally after two weeks of hell, the Arby n Chief video has been completed, which is quite a relief. I'm now home from Jon's place, I wasn't really looking forward to the trip home, packing the car full of all my equipment I brought for the film. 3 large bags alone were the three light kits I brought to light all the indoor scenes. Then there was my camera and tripod we used for all the filming in the video. The of course I brought my computer and 360, among many other things, adding up to like 7 bags, haha.

Over all the CanWest weekend didn't turn out as great for myself as expected. One of the things I was waiting for the most was the Indiana Jones viewing on Saturday, but unfortunately after booking our asses there, and sprinting five blocks from the sky train to the theater, we arrived 10 minutes late and discovered it had been canceled. So I'll probably go watch it if I get a chance sometime. I did manage to get into the dinner that day which was already booked full, so I got to meet some cool people. I sat beside KP haha. Then alas we pulled another all nighter, because we still weren't done with small dumb things on the video. Well anyway, that morning, because of technical difficulties I had to stay behind to render out the upload version of the video for machinima. Luckily Jon made it on time with the completed video, but I had to wait for a 2 hour render to finish up, before I could upload it for Machinma. I only got there when the end credits were rolling. Well at least I was there to hear the crowd applauded Jon. But honestly the main thing I was looking forward to at the event, was how the crowds reacted to the different scenes during the viewing. Well I hope I don't miss that moment if I participate in CanWest next year. After the show, we went to the bar with halo community people. Also met some cool people there, but unfortunately we were both too tired to stay for long.

Well if I do participate at CanWest next year, I'll probably do something solo. I've taken school and have been studying 3d modeling and animation, but I haven't put it to too much use yet. And that would be a cool opportunity to do a short CG video for. Well anyway, for now, I hope I have time to work on some of my own smaller projects.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Greatings and Current Events

Hello all, this is D Laz/Lemur. Some of you might know me from coming across my "Halo: Epic Movie" machinima, or from hearing about my current collaboration with DigitalP33r's Arby n' Chief special. I wasn't really planning on setting up a blog, but Jon suggested I do, before we finished up the video for the CanWest event.
I have known Jon in person for way over a decade, and have collaborated on smaller projects as we went to school together. So when he asked me to help out on his upcoming Arby n' Chief episode, it was great to join forces again like good old times :) We are actually working on finishing the video at this very moment, after two weeks of grueling work on it. I guess I'll give you a rundown on the production, since it is my first blog post.
Naturally, he wrote the script for this episode of his series, though we did bounce off a number of ideas off of each other as he was writing it, and we did develop a couple of epic scenes together, lolz. But I don't take any credit for the usual Arby n Chief brilliance he pulls off every other week :3 I was responsible for bringing lots of the equipment to help out on the filming (better video camera, lighting kits, some miscellaneous props, MC double, ect). We did most of the filming together, and "acting" out the machinima on system link (8 controllers isn't so easy for two people to handle, lolz). Jon did all the machinima capturing and all the editing. Despite the fact that we are aiming for a 25 minute video we have many many hours of footage we filmed and captured. I am responsible for the visual effects in the film. Yes there isn't much, most of it lasts split seconds, but it still did take over a week of work on most of them. I guess in the outcome it'll give the video a bit of extra sparkle here and there. Tedious but fun to do stuff :3 Well we have like a day left to finish everything, but I'm sure it'll all get done on time.
Now I tiny bit about my gaming side before I leave. I love video games but I rarely ever do have time to play them, or affording new games I want to get. I still have lots of education and such to worry about to get into my career. So my lack of time on xbox live is the reason I will not give out my gamer tag or accept random unknown friends requests showing up on my account, I want to keep my list as small as possible. And no I won't ask Jon to add you to his list, or how to get Recon either. I rarely play Halo anymore, and when I do, I just play social slayer or something, I honestly don't even give the slightest crap about rank. I like games, and would like to spend more time with them, but I'd rather sit down and do some productive art or something, rather then sit on my ass in front of the tv for multiple hours.
As a side note, I will state now that I won't help out with anyones machinima, because I lack the time to do even my own stuff. I have gotten multiple requests to help out with Machinima on Youtube, but please don't take it to offense if I don't respond. Well I'm not sure how often I will update this blog, but I will try to post somewhat frequently. And hopefully I'll have time for some of my own Machinima before I get into my full time course in September :0 Well till next time!