Sunday, August 31, 2008

Halo Live Ep1 Re-uploaded

Episode I of Halo Live has been uploaded by
I'll update the link on Youtube as soon as it's up.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Minor Update

A promo video to announce that my machinimas are being distributed by Stay tuned for the next installment of Halo Live!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Uneventful Update

Well I've been sick for the last week, and in bed on my free time. Hopefully I won't feel like shit tomorrow morning. So no, I haven't been able to work on Halo machinima much. But I'm I'll have some progress by the end of the week. And next Monday is my Birthday Wooo! Not that I'm that exited about it.

And another note, if I haven't mentioned it before. is distributing my videos from now on, so I'm really happy about that. And I'll also be getting into Garry's Mod machinima, because I'll have to send in my 360 again for a replacement. I really hate Microsoft hardware.

Well hang in there.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Halo Live: Episode 1 - Afterthoughts

Alright, I'll make this a quicky before I go to bed. I'll probably add to it later one.
So I have gotten good and bad feedback, which I was expecting, because I wasn't sure if the concept will work or not, plus the first video was somewhat of a test run. But don't expect huge major changes when the next video comes out (though there are going to be multiple changes and additions). I also mentioned that there isn't comedy "yet". I plan to have sort of in between comedic episodes, that aren't completely official to the series (eg. Halo Live: Episode I.5 ect).
As for the little weapon and medal icons, That was just to give you a taste of that concept. I do have plans to do more then that, like the scoreboard and kill count, ect. I just wanted to finish up the first video and get it out of the way, so i didn't have time to [ut everything in there that I intended.
As for only focusing on my character, i on;y did that for the one episode, just to figure more important things out. I'll be giving some attention to the other players in future episodes. Many people have also requested a Big Team battle to be machinima-ized. Which would be lots of fun (and of course lots more work). I do plan to do that, the main thing that worries me though is the lag. Something which wouldn't look too good. But I guess I'll just hope I end up playing a match with minimal lag.
Something I'm also considering is setting up a custom big team game. But the only thing that worries me about that is giving out my gamer tag, haha. I already have too many people on my friends list, and I keep getting swamped by freind's requests all the time. So I'll apologize for not accepting any of them, since I rarely actually have time to play on my 360. And to people who want to help me out on my machinima... Stuff like Halo epic movie I do all locally, so I can't get help for that. As for Halo Live, it's not predetermined whatsoever, so I don't need help for that either. It was just by chance that the first episode happened to be a team doubles match with my friend Sp00n.
And everyone go easy on Sp00n about the grenade thing :3 We all do it all the time by accident, more then you all realize, haha.

Cheeroi for now!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Halo Live: Episode I

Yes, finally I have finished it, and it is currently 6:30am. I am rendering it out at the very moment, and I'll be uploading it to youtube soon enough. As you see I lack the free time for such projects, but hopefully I will make at least one episode a month. The biggest issue was getting this first episode out of the way, I'll probably have more motivation to finish more episodes after this. And now for feedback. I honestly can't predict if viewers will like it and want more, or if this will be a failure :3 well time will tell!
So as you can tell, I can keep this series going forever if I want pretty much, because I can't exactly run out of "story" or "run the jokes dry" on this one. But then again it could run dry eventually if I don't keep it fresh. But I have a few ideas in mind to keep it new.
Well I'll have to cut this short, and I hope I can catch at least a couple hours of sleep, haha.