Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Halo Live: Episode 1 - Afterthoughts

Alright, I'll make this a quicky before I go to bed. I'll probably add to it later one.
So I have gotten good and bad feedback, which I was expecting, because I wasn't sure if the concept will work or not, plus the first video was somewhat of a test run. But don't expect huge major changes when the next video comes out (though there are going to be multiple changes and additions). I also mentioned that there isn't comedy "yet". I plan to have sort of in between comedic episodes, that aren't completely official to the series (eg. Halo Live: Episode I.5 ect).
As for the little weapon and medal icons, That was just to give you a taste of that concept. I do have plans to do more then that, like the scoreboard and kill count, ect. I just wanted to finish up the first video and get it out of the way, so i didn't have time to [ut everything in there that I intended.
As for only focusing on my character, i on;y did that for the one episode, just to figure more important things out. I'll be giving some attention to the other players in future episodes. Many people have also requested a Big Team battle to be machinima-ized. Which would be lots of fun (and of course lots more work). I do plan to do that, the main thing that worries me though is the lag. Something which wouldn't look too good. But I guess I'll just hope I end up playing a match with minimal lag.
Something I'm also considering is setting up a custom big team game. But the only thing that worries me about that is giving out my gamer tag, haha. I already have too many people on my friends list, and I keep getting swamped by freind's requests all the time. So I'll apologize for not accepting any of them, since I rarely actually have time to play on my 360. And to people who want to help me out on my machinima... Stuff like Halo epic movie I do all locally, so I can't get help for that. As for Halo Live, it's not predetermined whatsoever, so I don't need help for that either. It was just by chance that the first episode happened to be a team doubles match with my friend Sp00n.
And everyone go easy on Sp00n about the grenade thing :3 We all do it all the time by accident, more then you all realize, haha.

Cheeroi for now!

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El Xando said...

Why did you delete it from your YouTube account? I thought it was pretty good.