Saturday, August 2, 2008

Halo Live: Episode I

Yes, finally I have finished it, and it is currently 6:30am. I am rendering it out at the very moment, and I'll be uploading it to youtube soon enough. As you see I lack the free time for such projects, but hopefully I will make at least one episode a month. The biggest issue was getting this first episode out of the way, I'll probably have more motivation to finish more episodes after this. And now for feedback. I honestly can't predict if viewers will like it and want more, or if this will be a failure :3 well time will tell!
So as you can tell, I can keep this series going forever if I want pretty much, because I can't exactly run out of "story" or "run the jokes dry" on this one. But then again it could run dry eventually if I don't keep it fresh. But I have a few ideas in mind to keep it new.
Well I'll have to cut this short, and I hope I can catch at least a couple hours of sleep, haha.


CommanderM4nu3l Productions said...

that was ok i guess like the part where it turns red (and just curios wats ur gamertag) keep up with the series and u like Lord of the rings nice lolololololololololol

Backlash said...

I've probably already told you it was a great start :P Just read the blog a little, and figured I would drop you a comment. Good luck with the machinima, and keep it up!