Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wtf is wrong with

Seriously, they have not yet uploaded my "Christmas Special". And not only mine, I've heard around there's a shit tonne of videos they haven't uplaoded from directors for like the past 3 months. Why? Oh yeah, it's a must they upload 8 gameplay videos a day. For fuck sakes, who watches those if you can go play the game. If any of you waste time watching that crap, that's complete fail, so don't encourage them and don't give them views on that shit. It seems cares more about views and profit, rather then effort and quality.

As I've been concluding for years, = fail
But alas, they are getting even more retarded, which I didn't even think possible.

As for some more cheerful news, I did a shot about a month back for a machinima, that looks like it will make it up on Halo Waypoint. So like 3 seconds of glory for me, lawl. I'll keep you updated if it does go up.