Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halo Live Update

Long time no update. Sorry about that, not much time for machinima and game these days. I've had a new episode of Halo Live in development for the last couple months, but haven't been able to spend time on it till the last couple weeks. I'm most likely going to have all the filming down today, and currently half the episode is edited. So I'm hoping I'll have the episode done in the next few days if nothing else comes up (and it is Thanks Giving here, so that is a small setback). And after it's done, it's up to when it gets uploaded. So I am hoping it'll be out later this following week. I hope you'll enjoy it, this episode has proven to be way too time consuming and difficult to do with my new revisions. Remember, Episode one was a test run, so this episode will be pretty much the "real deal". But don't expect a quantum leap of quality or anything. It's the exact same idea. It just has a bit more to it, and perhaps it's more "organized". But I'm curious to see what people think of this one.

And my xbox live account is like going to expire within this month. Pity, cause I haven't had time to touch live for months (the footage for Halo Live is a saved film from 3 months ago. Probably won't have live back up until I can spare 60$, but that might not be for a very long time, lolz.

Another small update. Participating in a small contest (no, not machinima related). So I'm hoping I'll have that done for deadline at the end of the month, and I'll upload it on youtube as a Halloween treat as well, haha. Well Considering I haven't even started that one... But maybe I'll find time to do at least a rush job on it. And many many other things on my to-do list, but hopefully I'll have updates on here more frequently, unlike last time I said that, haha.


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Benjaminpie said...

Yay, I've been continually checking this blog waiting for Halo: Live Ep.2. I can't wait.