Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Vury Mury Crusmus

Hey guys, just wishing you all a happy Christmas, Honakkah, or whatever people celebrate these days. And of course a good upcoming New Years.
Haha, Unfortunately I didn't have the time to finish my Machinima Christmas special, but I'll probably revise the idea and do something about it next year.
I do have a stand alone horror spoof short in the works, so perhaps I'll have that ready for release after new years. I just want to ease myself in if I want to have my upcoming series running at least semi frequently.
Uploaded some more of my art on the side -------------------------->
So take a peak at them, haha. Just random stuff I nabbed off of my computer, both old and more recent stuff.

Anyway, Enjoy the holidays guys!


Spartan 501 said...

Lemur, I'm Fernando a future machinima producer, I have an imporatnt question on making machinima. On the Ary and The Chief, what is the software called realflow? and how can I use it for my movies? I seen some work of yours and it is great. please respond this comment and thank you for your time.

D Laz said...

Hey Fernando.
Realflow is more of an advanced piece of software. So you won't get any use out of it, unless you learn the ins and outs of a 3d package; such as Maya, XSI, or 3dsMax.
There are much more simple ways of doing blood effects for videos, haha. So I don't recomend Realflow, for something as simple as machinima.

Spartan 501 said...

thank you very much. It was a pleasure to know you lemur. If I have any questions could you help me, please?

evanlatt. said...

your work is very good Lemur.Fernando was right to go to you.