Friday, December 12, 2008

GASPE! Updates!

Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates, not much has been happening concerning machinima (currently I have more relevant things to worry about). Well I did re-upload Halo Live Episode 2 with better compression on youtube. The previous upload was really laggy. So make sure to give it a re-watch next time you visit my youtube channel, wooo!
I still haven't been able to get to accept that episode, it was rejected because of copywrite music (even though everything up till now had loads of copywriten music. Well that's how my video was meant to be, and I am not replacing it with shitty royalty free music, just for their convenience. So their loss, I'm not going to be submitting that series to them anymore. Though don't expect another episode anytime soon, that last episode was just way too brutal to finish.

Hardware updates, Microsoft is being a bitch, and I'm having a hard time with them replacing my screwed up 360 again, even though it's still under 2 years of warranty. I honestly don't know why they are being jack asses about it. As for my 7 year old computer, it is really starting to croak on me, so hopefully I can scrounge enough money up to get a replacement very soon.

I do have some machinima related stuff in the works, so you'll be seeing some new stuff eventually. I am writing script for 2 new series. Though one series I will postpone because it'll be way too much work. But for now I do have an upcoming Halo Machinima series. I will announce the title once it's gone well under way. And perhaps an odds and ends Christmas special at the end of the week, though I dunno if it'll get done on time... Well maybe if you've been real good this year, it'll happen.

I have also done a tiny bit of voice work in one of Jon's earlier episodes of Hard Justice. And I have been asked to do some voice work for another machinima director, Guitarmasterx7. And also some upcoming voicework for a chum in crime, TheCampingTree (aka Sp00n, the guy who played in both episodes of Halo Live <3). This guy also has a very beautiful piece of machinima you should check out, it brought tears to my eyes Link
So keep in touch with his channel, haha.

Well I think that's it for now, I'll promise to have my next blog update much sooner, haha. And one more thing. To youtube fans who have messaged me. I have been getting a whole load of messages, which I think is great, but please don't think I'm ignoring you guys, I just don't have the time to respond to them all. Anyway, hang in there.


PS: Headcrabs are way more awesome and practical then flood, so HAH

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