Monday, May 26, 2008

Now I can finaly sleep in my own bed^^

Hello everyone. Yes, finally after two weeks of hell, the Arby n Chief video has been completed, which is quite a relief. I'm now home from Jon's place, I wasn't really looking forward to the trip home, packing the car full of all my equipment I brought for the film. 3 large bags alone were the three light kits I brought to light all the indoor scenes. Then there was my camera and tripod we used for all the filming in the video. The of course I brought my computer and 360, among many other things, adding up to like 7 bags, haha.

Over all the CanWest weekend didn't turn out as great for myself as expected. One of the things I was waiting for the most was the Indiana Jones viewing on Saturday, but unfortunately after booking our asses there, and sprinting five blocks from the sky train to the theater, we arrived 10 minutes late and discovered it had been canceled. So I'll probably go watch it if I get a chance sometime. I did manage to get into the dinner that day which was already booked full, so I got to meet some cool people. I sat beside KP haha. Then alas we pulled another all nighter, because we still weren't done with small dumb things on the video. Well anyway, that morning, because of technical difficulties I had to stay behind to render out the upload version of the video for machinima. Luckily Jon made it on time with the completed video, but I had to wait for a 2 hour render to finish up, before I could upload it for Machinma. I only got there when the end credits were rolling. Well at least I was there to hear the crowd applauded Jon. But honestly the main thing I was looking forward to at the event, was how the crowds reacted to the different scenes during the viewing. Well I hope I don't miss that moment if I participate in CanWest next year. After the show, we went to the bar with halo community people. Also met some cool people there, but unfortunately we were both too tired to stay for long.

Well if I do participate at CanWest next year, I'll probably do something solo. I've taken school and have been studying 3d modeling and animation, but I haven't put it to too much use yet. And that would be a cool opportunity to do a short CG video for. Well anyway, for now, I hope I have time to work on some of my own smaller projects.


solidwinter said...

Hey. The movie was sweet. Sorry to say this though but your effects (most notably the gun effects) were shockingly sub-standard. I still think you could do an alright machinima on your own but stay away from the effects, buddy.

Faballion said...
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Sunny said...

I know I already told you this, but seriously, that suicide scene scared the shit outta me lol. Nice work.

And you had to stay at Jon's place this whole time? I thought you just kept going back and forth from your place to his. Woot woot, that must've been FUN. *sarcasm* =]

Figlesiase said...

Hey, Daniel. It's me, Fred.

...So, first I gotta start off by saying... "TOM CRUISE KICKS ASS!"
And now that THAT'S over with, I'll say now that the effects you added in the movie made the best part Even better.

The blood spewed by the gunshot.. XD
Dude! I screamed in my head in there!

Joe/Crispyjakal said...

Dude, the film was awesome,best i seen on youtube and great effects btw :D
Suicide was the best lol

Dawn said...

Hey Lemur :D
Glad you got home alright. Totally blows to have to shuttle all that stuff back and forth AND pack them.
You took off your drawing :( Post more, more!!!

charlie said...

I don't even play Halo and have only been playing COD 3 and 4 a little bit because my friend liked it. THe Arby/Chief vids kill me so thanks for all your work. I'm hooked! Great gun scene with that guy just unloading forever. I actually thought it was going to be like Master Chief getting accused of murder in a stolen car after he left and the guy was dead in the garage.

Space D said...

Hey it's Space. SpaceD1974. Rememeber me? Good friend on XBox Live? Well I just wanted to say great job on the special effects. You really nailed the suicide shot.

Sorry I havent been on, if you care, because I don't have internet at the moment so that really sucks.

I look forward to your work in the future.
Great Job


Seth said...

The movie was great. Your effects were really nice and added alot. As far as Indiana Jones goes, the movie was awesome.. and if you want, you can check out my blog for my review of it.

Z3roShado3 said...

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