Saturday, July 25, 2009


The question is always "if you won a million dollars" or "1oo million dollars". But with that question, you can list off so much crap because that's a huge sum of money; making you focus more on "how much shit can I think of?" rather then "what do I prioritize?".

So... if you won $1o ooo, what would you do? Choose wisely, heh heh HEH.


Lexazillion said...

Winning, much different than earning.

I'd help pay off my parents' debt.

The remainder would go between travel, and taking good people out to have good times.

If I earned it, I'd buy a crotch rocket and a PS3.

D Laz said...

I'd probably help with my parents' debt, but 10k still wouldn't be enough. but other then that, I'd get filming equipment and hardware, haha. And I'll just play your ps3.

inf3rnalslave said...

Go on a 2 week cruise to the carribean with my family and if there was any left, buy a new tv for my room and a comp that doesn't totally suck

evanlatt said...

Probably put most of it away for college, but would save enough for a macbook pro. Lawl.