Thursday, May 7, 2009

ZOMG, it can't really be an update?

Hey guys, just a quicky, it's getting reall ylate, or shal I say early in the morning, lolz. Just finished recording some diolog. No not Terrorman (though I do have diolog already recorded for Ep1 of Terrorman) but a really short mothers day special. I'll try to get it done tomorrow so it gets up on Sunday for sure. So I'll toss up a link when that's on youtube.

Also I'm in a small colab with a couple guys. You might know him as "Spartacus" or "Kootra". I'm not part of the actual machinima portion of it, nor the voices; but I do have an important contibution to it.

Other then that I am busy with life. I really hope I can get Terrorman rolling. I do have an outline for a seven episode series, and I do have a bunch of diolog already recorded for the first couple episodes. I'll just need to find time to sit down and do it.

Well cheers guys, hopefully I'll have more updates soon.


Ben said...

Good to see the rumors of you being abducted by an unknown terrorist machinima creating faction aren't true.

Anonymous said...

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inf3rnalslave said...