Thursday, April 2, 2009

48 Hours of xbl, lolololololololol & Farcry 2 insanity

Well one of my friends tossed me a 48 hour xbl card, because I still have some stupid Halo 3 online related achievements to get (for some additional armor perms I don't have for machinima). I never played Halo 3 a whole lot, hence not having all the achievements and perms.
So yes, I set up the 48 hour card, and guess what? You can't play ranked matches with the 48 hour trail, therefore, I couldn't get the remaining achievements. Thanks Microsoft, awfully nice of you.
Well I did make some use of the trial time. Tried to catch up on some CoD4 multiplayer (unfortunately I get the clean disk error constantly). But yes, it was great to play that game again. I enjoy it infinity more then Halo 3, cause it actually takes skill, not spamming grenades to win. And rockets and sword are for homos, lolz.

Also gave Farcry 2 multiplayer a try (that game actually works in my disk drive!). One of the few games I do own, but one of the few games that did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the campaign for that game. Might not be for everyone, but I actually enjoy the whole open world map and driving to your objectives through gorgeous landscapes. And I think it's safe to say that it is the best looking game from a technical standpoint. The Dunia engine is amazing, hope they add to it & make more games with it.
So yes, gave multiplayer a chance. The biggest complaint most people have is that everyone's a bullet sponge. But all I use is the bolt action sniper rifle, and headshots are one hit kill anyway, so the bullet sponge thing doesn't effect me much, lolz. I just love games without ANY sticky aim. I guess that's one reason I don't like the feal for Halo 3.
But the map editor is just a wonderful thing, some people have put some really impressive maps out; some fun to just screw around in, and some extremely awesome for gameplay. Considering I played a whole new map every single round I played. I had a one on one sniper match with Jon yesterday, on the most incredible map ever. It's called "waterworld" I think. So if you got the game, give multiplayer a chance, and check the first few pages of highest ranked maps, you'll find that one in there. I'm sure it's a great map for team dead match, but it was amazing for a one on one sniper match; there are just so many hiding spots. But anyway, 15 minute round, and I beat Jon 5 to 2 I believe, haha. Intense awesome round, <3 the game.

But yes, I'm tempted to get xbox live, for Farcry 2, and CoD4 (well, when I can get it to work in my disk drive). And I do like to pop halo 3 in on rare occasion to play. Other then that I only own Gears 2, but I can't even load past the main menu :C
Xbl is tempting, but no way I can spare 60 bucks right now, plus I wouldn't have much time to play these days. But if anyone has some unwanted one month-ers lying around, I could possibly put it to use, rofl.


Dawn said...

Hi Lemuuuuuur!!
I haven't talked to you in forever, Nick said hi from you to me though :p How have you been?

inf3rnalslave said...

ftw. :)

D Laz said...

Hey Dawn! Long time no talk indeed, haha. Perhaps I'll be on xbl one of these days, lolz. I've been fine, just busy, haha. And I hope all is going well with you!

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anonymous said...

you can only get 3 months not 1 months. US codes are different then Canadian codes for XBL

evanlatt. said...

lemur doesnt say hi to me =(