Monday, May 31, 2010

Updates updates

Well I haven't updated this for ages, so I think I shall finally, not that anyone reads this anymore, haha.

So anyway, Red Christmas has gone up finally, after waiting almost 6 bloody months. (and they uploaded it in Mono audio just raping the sound altogether, gee thanks and your fucking watermark).

But yeah, I got an extra Reach Beta code from Jon, so I did get a chance to try it a few times. But yeah, I dunno. It is better then Halo 3 for sure, but I'm still not that stoked for it to be honest. I do like that new DMR rifle (or whatever it is called). In Cod 4 the M14 was my fav weapon (which was taken out of MW2), so it was a treat for me to have something like that in Halo. As for the perks in Reach, the only one I liked was the sprint. Jetpack is fun for 5 seconds, but then that was it for me. Used the invisibility a little bit. But as for that shield lock thing, it was just plain retarded, especially when everyone spammed it constantly.
As for Halo1 Pistol, and the medic packs that have been brought back, props to that. And that’s my verdict on the Beta, was a bit of fun, but my level of “want” for the game hasn’t changed (and mind you, not a high level of want on my end, haha).

Also accepting art commissions right now, but I’ll put that in a new journal post so I don’t flood this one up.

Anyway, peace out bros


John said...

I think I may be the only one who checks on this blog every other day now, haha.

Ben said...

I played the Beta a bunch, and in the end, I decided that I actually like Halo 3 more than Reach, mainly because I felt that Reach's new inclusions of things made the game unbalanced, and it was more about who can spam grenades most and who can armor lock the fastest, and shit like that.

And for fucks sake to be honest, why do we even need another Halo game? I'm fine with the trilogy to be honest, I don't want more extra stories about faceless mute characters I can hardly give a crap about.

John said...

I have to agree with you on that one, Ben.