Friday, February 5, 2010

Guess what? rant again

So yes, I sent them an email saying "hey, it's been like 2 months, why isn't my Christmas special video up yet?". And the reply I get back is "you never notified us about your video". Even though I litterally sent them six emails in the timeframe I uploaded the video. Just unsubscribe from those faggots if you haven't already.


Ben said...

I gave up on a long time ago.

Those bastards sold us out.

Anonymous said...

LOL dude! Whatta bunch of fails.
I actually took the time to unsubscribe weeks ago.
Haha, dont you wonder if they read this blog? They probably do.
Oh and i bet theyll delay showing it till this year's christmas

Celtichorn said...

wow,so not only did they sell out, but they are incompetent too?

オテモヤン said...


zukan said... sold out the moment they started airing ads on their website. They're not run by people, they're run by stockholders and power-mongering investors.

You know what it reminds me of?
It's a website devoted to video game trailers. Commercials in other words. Commercials that are meant to increase hype and potential buyers. And yet as of recently, they've started airing non-gaming ads before you can see the actual trailers.
It's like "Hey, before you watch this commercial, check out this other commercial from our sponsor!"
Am I the only one who finds that depressingly exploitative and derogatory to consumers?
It's like they assume the audience look at those trailers as if they actually had any value of some sort. As if we were supposed to be grateful they make them.
I'm grateful for the games they make, not the [bleep]ing commercials. is exactly the same, except their main featurettes aren't trailers made by real workers getting paid. It's fan-made stories/montages mostly by teenagers who do it all for free.
That is something I absolutely can not support and I really hope other people feel the same way.

They sent me a proposition a few years ago on youtube, something about a partnership. I felt compelled to accept and send them a picture of my bare ass signed by yours truly, but decided it wasn't worth my time. I never got back to them.

RedFrog said...

Dude start a different channel! Look mate it appears that you have a pretty good fanbase (at least a couple) and most of the people I've seen that watch Machinima are tools anyway. Personally I never got into Machinima, but I have noticed some changes, and that's as far as I can take my opinion. Anyway I'll go take a peek at some of your vids now so I can have a better idea where you're coming from, but keep it up - I always love a good consiracy theory.

RedFrog said...

Everyone needs sponsers to put on a good show. I'm just saying!

John said...

Guess you ride the SkyTrain.