Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wtf is wrong with

Seriously, they have not yet uploaded my "Christmas Special". And not only mine, I've heard around there's a shit tonne of videos they haven't uplaoded from directors for like the past 3 months. Why? Oh yeah, it's a must they upload 8 gameplay videos a day. For fuck sakes, who watches those if you can go play the game. If any of you waste time watching that crap, that's complete fail, so don't encourage them and don't give them views on that shit. It seems cares more about views and profit, rather then effort and quality.

As I've been concluding for years, = fail
But alas, they are getting even more retarded, which I didn't even think possible.

As for some more cheerful news, I did a shot about a month back for a machinima, that looks like it will make it up on Halo Waypoint. So like 3 seconds of glory for me, lawl. I'll keep you updated if it does go up.


KHT said...

Thank goodness a director feels the same way! I agree with you 100%. I'm not even a director but I can already see how much of a fail they are.

To me, it seems like is run by a bunch of college students who don't even know what machinima is.
Seriously, who the f is running that place?! 90% of the videos they upload to the channel aren't machinima; CES, movie trailers, gameplay vids, technology culture sht, etc.
The least they could do is feature the directors' machinima but instead, they feature sht non-machinima videos that they made themselves. They would seriously upload porn vids to their channel if youtube allowed it haha.
It's just a shame that they have a monopoly on all things machinima. That company is definitely not headed the right way.
Ultimately, it's best for directors and teams to be independent and make revenue off of their own channels.
I've been meaning to email your friend, Jon about it. I can sense he's thinking the same thing. Idk if you guys have drawn up a plan yet but i think i can help..

Anonymous said...

It was a good a while ago,yes however they seriously have screwed it over. I remember when Jon's videos, Pregame Lobby and a bunch of other great directors used to air like every week. Now only like two good directors air a week, I thought of unsubbing the other day. It seems now they don't give a shit about that stuff and are just focused on gameplay.


At the start I thought that having machinimarespawn was a great idea and that it would clear space. I understood they still had to upload some gameplay vids on the main channel to advertise machinimarespawn. But even with 100,000 subscribers in like two weeks it isn't good enough! LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND!!! SUBSCRIBERS IN ABOUT 2 WEEKS AND THEY STILL RELY ON THEIR MAIN CHANNEL FOR GAMEPLAY!

They have seriously lost their way.

Ben said... used to be a good channel, with actual quality and good vids, and actual MACHINIMA.

Now they seem to have completely lost their way, and allowed their self-inflated egos to block their eyes like some kind of car crash balloons of idiocy.

Celtichorn said...

That's a honestly a shame, truly this is the difference between an organization that is devoted to the craft, and one that is only about cheap profit.

The sad part is that artists get their hands tied as they see this trend and almost have to accomodate their otherwise surperior and creative works, for the standard issue unoriginal crap that seems to be popular nowadays.

Oh well

DragonD51 said...

No wonder why I been seeing pure bullshit from them for some time. has finally become nothing more than the online machinima version of fucking Hollywood.

John said...

I agree. I tried to upload a machinima that I worked very hard on, and it still did'nt go up.

I like Machinima, but seriously, its turning into a craphouse. They're starting to have glitches and problems on every page. I'm glad another director sees the problem too.



Gamertag: SkepticalMetal


inf3rnalslave said...

I unsubscribed like 6 months ago lol

Federico said...

Yeah, so, we've been right all along.

I've got whole rants on this kinda thing in my head.

That's why I've tried to keep all Machinimator contacts away. Sure, I haven't succeeded with them all (Pierce Shipp, for example) but yeah.

We should just keep this shite independent, man.
Like how it all used to be.